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Veneer Hammer


I’ve been wanting to learn the art of Veneer Hammering for awhile and I’ve been doing some research. After reading and watching instructional videos on it, I think I’m ready to begin experimenting on it. The first step though is to create a veneer hammer. A veneer hammer consists of a block of wood with steel inside a groove and a handle. Don’t let the name fool you. There will be no pounding of hitting with this tool. In reality instead of veneer hammer, veneer squeegie would be more accurate in terms of function. This tool is used with one hand flat on the head of the hammer, pressing down. While still pressing firmly down, you move the veneer hammer around the veneer working the veneer flat onto the substrate. More on the actual techniques later.


My veneer hammer I made is made out of 6/4 oak scrap and 4/4 maple scrap. I cut out a square mortice in the oak, ran a groove for 1/8″ steel, and cut out the half circle profile for the top of the head. The handle is a square piece of maple with a wedged tenon cut into it. I shaped the handle and the hammer head to fit my hand comfortably since there will be quite a bit of force I have to apply. I finished it with a few coats of oil. Now that I have a veneer hammer, there’s nothing holding me back from going into glue frenzy.


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