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If you’re using Google Sketch-up and you’re not using Kerkythea, then you are missing out on a huge thing. When it comes to designing, I like to do quick sketches using old fashioned pencil and paper, then I like to go to sketch-up and draw quickly to get the right proportions. Then, I add in the details as I see fit. What I really love about working in Sketch-up is the ease to which you can create, manipulate, and edit images in 3d. Once I know I will build that piece, I will go into very fine details adding every information I can think of. This acts like a full scale drawing where I can take dimensions and start figuring out problems in my head before I execute it on actual wood. But enough about Sketch-up. This post is about Kerkythea.

Kerkythea is an image rendering software. Google Sketch-up is impressive, but at the end of it, it doesn’t produce anything you would want to show your clients. The graphics is not sophisticated and your furniture ends up looking like cartoon furniture. Not the idea you want to convey. Kerkythea takes whatever you’ve drawn in Sketch-up and renders it to better graphics. There are textures you can download such as the different timbers to create a very sophisticated image.

This example is 2 of 3 designs that I submitted to a client. He ended up choosing the third design, the best one, which I will post photos of whenever it’s completed.

Kerkythea is not as user friendly as Sketch-up, and you do need to know some things about lighting. But I wasn’t an expert on lighting and I managed to figure it out. The key is to just experiment and see what happens when you change lights or move them around. There are decent tutorials on the basics, but really, you just need to play around and figure it out yourself.



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