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Vanity or Liquor Tray

These trays are a beautiful way to keep your beauty products organized. They could also be used as a tray to hold your liquor bottles. The mirror bottom shows off your products and they bounce light off to highlight the things that make you who you are.

The joinery is a mitered joint reinforced with wood ‘stitches’. This gives the piece more strength and gives it a handmade charm.

We can makes these in either 12″x12″ square tray or 12″ x 24″ trays. Custom sizes are also available, but will cost a little more. Any type of wood can be used but will be priced accordingly depending on the species. But most woods will fall into this pricing category:

12″x12″ -$75

12″x24″ -$150


Due to the mirror and the shipping costs, I will not ship this product. I can either deliver it if you’re located in Austin or I will deliver to places outside of Austin within 120mile radius with an order of 5 or more. Please allow 1-2 weeks since I make it from scratch on order.


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