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Harmonson Desk

This client likes to keep his office clean and uncluttered so when he asked me to create a new desk for him, I suggested we create a desk where it has the appearance of being light and airy. Most executive desks have a heavy look that makes the occupant look intimidating. How can you do business with someone that’s intimidating? The best thing a person can do is to achieve rapport.

What storage we lose from taking out the cabinets for drawers or doors that many desks have is to create drawer spaces in the space where the apron is- and also building a credenza to match the desk for many of the storage and office equipments.

At 60″ long and 32″ wide, the desk is on the bigger side. The desk is wide enough for two people to sit across from each other and have enough space to have conversations or to exchange in business negotiations. The extra size also allows for ample space to layout paperwork and it gives the ability to easily be organized. (The desk pad is on the bigger side, so in the photo, the desk may look smaller than it actually is.)

The wood chosen for this project is Mahogany for the frame work and Macassar ebony for the panels. I took design elements from traditional furniture designs and stripped it down to the essentials. The two wide drawers are hand dovetailed drawers that slide in wooden guide rails. There’s something soothing and pleasant about the feel of wooden guide rails. With this design, the charm of the whole desk would have been lost with manufactured drawer guides.

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