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Horn Jewelry Box

This client approached me about a jewelry box for his soon to be wife as a wedding gift. I’ve always loved the idea that I can create something meaningful for a couple on this special day. This object will be in some way linked as something that will remind them of this once in a lifetime moment. So, of course, I jumped on the project.

We talked about what designs he and his wife was into, and it became apparent that he wanted something simple, yet elegant. They also loved mid century designs as well as art deco so I wanted to tie elements of those in while creating something unique. The design we stumbled upon is layers of pecan and maple that is slightly different in size so it creates a staggered effect. The bevel on the edges bring this staggered effect to life while still maintaining the subtleness.For the top, I chose spalted maple since the tones were similar with the rest of the box and let’s face it, spalted lumber is just plain beautiful to look at.

There are four small drawers with removable dividers and a lift up lid that also houses removable dividers. The dividers fit into a beveled groove (birds mouth groove) so the thin divider sides are kept as strong as possible. To be able to lift the lid up, I notched out a little triangle- just enough for a finger to grab hold of the lid. I brought the triangle detail down to the rest of the pecan layers to keep everything balanced.

The drawers needed a handle and I didn’t want to disturb the nice triangle feature, so I decided to cutout a finger hole on the side that allows for the drawers to be opened easily. I think it’s interesting to be able see the maple drawer sides through the cutout and see the movement of the cutout as the drawer is being opened.

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