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Sapele Round Table

This table was commissioned to be a meeting table for guests and clients at my client’s office. I had previously created other furniture for his office in a style that mixes traditional details and arranged in a modern way – Harmonson Desk & Harmonson Credenza. I wanted to keep those same ideas with this round table, so I worked on blending the traditional elements with modern elements without one being over bearing.

The top is a beautiful 1/16″ thick ribbon striped sapele veneered top. The perimeter of the top is made out of solid wood not only for looks, but for protection. I arranged the sapele veneers in quarter section so that each quarter lines up to meet in the center. This pattern creates a V- pattern where each sections meet. Since I was able to get a nice consistent line, I didn’t want to hide it so I decided that instead of doing a single inlayed line, I would do a double line and have the V-pattern become another focal point. Having that double line also meant that the lines need to terminate to the perimeter in a thoughtful and graceful way so I decided on another double line that follows the curve of the top.

To keep the modern element, I decided on a tapered square pedestal base. The sapele is used again for the panels, which sticks out 3/16″ to create a three dimensional element. The framework is blackened hard maple. A lot of the design elements of this round table is actually based on a square- the tapered pedestal base and the top being broken into quarters- so I wanted to follow that theme and create a square centerpiece with a decorative wood (pepperwood burl). I think the square ties the top and the base together.

The square is oriented so it looks like a diamond with the double maple inlay stringing terminating at each of the corners. I’m very happy with the combination of sapele and pepperwood burl together. The tones compliment each other and the straight lines of sapele counter-act the free form wazy grain of the pepperwood burl.

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