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Logan Desk

My client came to me to create a new desk for his home office. He is a producer at a video production company so he’s constantly on the move and having to work in different locations. He wanted something clutter free at his home office but easy for him to hook up his laptop and keep all the cables and plugs hidden. We went for a stripped down look, focusing on letting the functionality express the form.

The first question was what to do with the power cord and all the other cables. Instead of reaching down under the desk to find an outlet every time, we brought the electrical power source up to the desk so it’s always in easy access. The electrical plugin needs to be hidden but also easy to access- so the flip top cubby holes towards the back of the desk made the most sense. There is a notch that acts as a handle as well as a place for the cord to come out.

There’s also three drawers that slide out in the front for all the paperwork and sized so that a laptop could be stored inside. The middle drawer has a pencil tray for quick access to jot down notes. As for the rest of the form, we wanted the cubby holes to be deep enough to store all sorts of things so we made the back section deep. The drawers in the front couldn’t hang too low to allow enough space for the legs, so we tapered the side from deep cubby up to narrow drawers. For the legs, we opted for the most stripped down form we could do use without compromising strength. The legs are steel rectangles bolt on from the inside of the desk.

The desk is finished with hand rubbed oil so it ages nicely and any scuffs or dings will only give it more character instead of calling attention to itself. The steel legs are left raw and waxed to keep that beautiful raw steel look.

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