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HEX game table

My Client approached me wanting to create a game table for his family using his family Walnut that had been passed down the generation from his grandfather to his father and then down to him. My client would move the lumber everywhere he went until he could find out what exactly to build with it. 

Being an avid gamer, he and his family enjoys getting together to play role playing games where the games could go on for hours and possibly days. He wanted to be able to pause the game with all the pieces intact and in the meantime be able to keep everything from getting moved accidentally until the game would continue. After some research, we came to the split level design where the playing area is sunken in and there is a solid wood table top insert that can go on top to cover up the playing area. We also decided on having the game table hexagon shaped to better fit the room and so everyone is close together. 

The playing area is covered with gaming felt so it accommodates several types of games. There is also a plexi-glass insert so game maps can be inserted underneath without damaging it.

Since the table is six sided, we decided on a three-legged pedestal table base with a padauk inlay going down the center of each of the legs.

The client’s walnut had been air-dried so the walnut hadn’t lost it’s vibrant color as commercial steam dried walnut tends to do. Knowing that the lumber itself has a story makes it that much more of a pleasure to work with. I know this piece of furniture will be handed down the generations just like the lumber was.

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