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Horn Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box created as a wedding gift. This box has 4 small drawers that pull out with removable divider and a flip up lid that has even more removable dividers. This box is made out of pecan and maple alternated in color and sized slightly differently to create a stagger effect. The top is made from spalted maple.

Vanity or Liquor Tray

Vanity or Liquor tray keeps the things that make you who you are more organized in a beautiful way.

Paper Art Frame

An art frame made out of Texas pecan for a piece of paper cut out artwork a friend of mine got me from China. I carefully spaced the artwork so it floats in the frame, thus creating beautiful shadows on the white background. I love the delicateness of the paper cut out.

Sunburst Table Clock

This table clock made of oak takes the sunburst idea but moves the center point off center. I used straight grain veneer so it creates a direction for the eye to follow, ending at the clock. The stand is laminated walnut with hand carved feet.


Tools I have made or tools I have bought that gives me great satisfaction.